Resolution Skills

The Resolution Skills are a set of communication methods that work together to help humanity prevent and resolve problems in a collaborative manner. When implemented, the Resolution Skills increase the probability of achieving a desired level of improvement.

Issues are addressed through a systematic process, which provides a method for preventing and resolving problems. This process includes:  Defining the issue, identifying barriers, asking for ideas and creating a set of “who does what by when” (W3s) that are focused on a specific result and increase the commitment of the team. This process yields a Plan for Improvement, which facilitates and records projects in an organized, collaborative manner.

The Resolution Skills can be used in any situation and setting that involves human communication and problem solving, including issues of poverty, justice, education, health and environment. The Resolution Skills will be integrated into the HUE database as an educational tool and process for resolving local and world issues.

Our Vision

Humanity Uniting Effectively

Our Mission

The Resolution Institute has a mission to help world citizens and organizations identify, prioritize and collaboratively resolve issues in most need of improvement, locally and globally. Through our online community HUE, Humanity Uniting Effectively, we integrate scientific data visualization with a proven problem-solving methodology. This platform provides humanity with a bottom-up strategy to effectively and sustainably improve our world’s wellbeing.