The Resolution Institute is developing an innovative, online database software called HUE:  Humanity Uniting Effectively. HUE will serve as a platform for all individuals who wish to collaborate in creating global well-being by identifying and resolving global problems within their local communities. HUE will visually illustrate scientific data and evaluations of world issues, as well as a process by which these issues can be resolved.

Measuring HUE

The Resolution Institute’s Advisory Board, a team of experts in various disciplines, will be charged with ensuring the validity of data and the proper measures for determining an issue’s level of quality.

Looking at a particular locality, HUE’s dashboards display each category’s level of quality in that area by assigning it a color or “hue’, which is based on a five-point scale of red to blue, where red means “dire” and blue means “ideal.” These colors will reflect areas of greatest concern and greatest accomplishments, allowing users to clearly identify where they should focus their time, resources and efforts, with special emphasis on areas in the “red”—the areas in most need of improvement.

Once a user chooses an issue and region in need of help, HUE will illustrate a summary of information about the issue, academic and journalistic articles and graphics such as trend charts to help the user  visualize how an issue has evolved over time.

Plans for Improvement

Plans for Improvement will serve as an interactive forum that group members can design and administer in order to improve identified areas of concern within the community. Once a plan is formed, members will be facilitated through the “Resolution Process,” which will ask the team to define the issue, identify barriers, ask for ideas and, finally, assign tasks or “who does what by when.” These relatively small actions, when multiplied many times, can lead to large-scale improvement, and in turn “flip a hue,” changing reds to oranges and so on up the color scale until we reach an acceptable level. Based on the progress of a plan for improvement, users can also enter data relevant to their specified projects, allowing for empowerment of marginalized cultures and underreported issues.

Our Vision

Humanity Uniting Effectively

Our Mission

The Resolution Institute has a mission to help world citizens and organizations identify, prioritize and collaboratively resolve issues in most need of improvement, locally and globally. Through our online community HUE, Humanity Uniting Effectively, we integrate scientific data visualization with a proven problem-solving methodology. This platform provides humanity with a bottom-up strategy to effectively and sustainably improve our world’s wellbeing.